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We believe in a world where anyone that wants mental health care can access the services that are right for them.

Startwell is here to ensure that anyone who is ready to start improving their mental health matches with the appropriate services, can book an appointment instantly, and maintains their wellness over time.


Our platform will allow users to match with local services tailored to their preferences, then schedule, and pay for their first therapy appointment on the site. We encourage clients and providers to utilize our interactive assessments that offer feedback informed treatments to monitor progress and maintain their wellness over time. Providers will be able to use our scheduling and billing services, as well as match with clients that are less likely to drop out.


The process of finding support for mental health, is confusing, and costly. Getting a list of providers from insurance or picking a random therapist online doesn't work for many people. Startwell is the first platform that personalizes this process.


Just like a financial advisor helps you invest in your retirement, we help you invest in your mental health. Want to learn more? Sign up to our newsletter below.


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